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Every company has to maintain its books. The Accounts & Book keeping functions the most neglected department of any organization as it has always been treated as a Cost Center. Whatever the case may be, for taxation, for decision making, for performance analysis, one relies on numbers. Here at Konnect we take care of it, and are ready to provide you with these numbers, in the format, which is the best suited for the purpose. By outsourcing it to the High End professional at a much lower cost, one incur’s less operations cost and even a lesser headache.

We are ready to work on your PC (by logging into your desktop), ready work in ANY software, let it be online or a desktop software, we can update the books while you are away and keep it ready for the purpose you are looking for.

Konnect’s Bookkeeping resources are proficient in handling the following software’s:

  • Quick books
  • Quicken
  • Peachtree
  • MYOB
  • XERO
  • SAGE

Konnect, believes in adaption and therefore, well-trained experts in the field of accounting are capable enough to adapt to custom or other software environments. Konnect, believes in Just in Time concept and therefore follows a stringent Quality and Time sensitive policy, to ensure the Balance between Quality and Time.

Services in Detail

Apart from data entry to the software we produce up-to-date books after doing reconciliation of all the statements, thereafter pointing out proactively if anything needs your attention.
  • Funding Agency Reports
  • Credit card reports
  • Merchant Banking accounts
  • Charge backs issues by customers
  • E-commerce platforms

Other than the above, we can book the charges, that are not mentioned separately in Funding account, that not only give you an accurate Income Statement but gives you the foresight while taking a call on opting the services of Funding a company or otherwise.

Various Reporting

Other than Income statement (which could be weekly/bi-monthly/monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly) and Balance sheet (Statement of affairs), we can produce number of Tailor made reports for various strategic decisions:
  1. Cash flow statements
  2. Budget
  3. Budget v actual and variance analysis
  4. Costing
  5. Activity Based Costing
  6. Process Handbook for accounts department OR for any particular process
  7. AR reconciliation
  8. AP reconciliation
  9. Projections
  10. Ratio Analysis
  11. Inventory Management

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