Case Study





Bakery: Engaged in the business of the selling of bakery foods.

Job Scope

Quick Book Entry, Using various software’s & filing of the reports and data, Sales Tax.

More Info

About the Client
Data and Software
Initial Analysis

About the Client

The Client is in the business of bakery for the last 30 years.

Data and Software

The client is using the software’s listed below: Quick book 2008; Rest Pro Software; Money Charge Software; Cheftech Software.

Initial Analysis

Main Concern of the client was, extracting the reports from various software’s and doing entry in the Quick book, filing of the data in proper folders, Import of the data from one software to another software,POS closing for the day, Payroll check preparation, Monthly sales tax Calculation. This work has come to our Firm, as there is lots of Automation in the bakery; this becomes time consuming for the client. He needs at least 4 hrs daily to manage all the data properly & accessing various software’s.


Basic challenges we faced were using various Software. Client sent us the videos to understand his daily process. We were provided with a username and password by the client, which helped us to log in to the client server directly. We generated various daily reports that were required by the client, and filled it in a particular folder as required by the client. This process was very tedious and time consuming.

On the basis of videos sent by the client, we prepared SOP and started working on the same.

Our daily working is –

1. POS Closing from the rest pro software for each day before the 11.55 PST.

2. Managing each day reports in PDF files in separate folder for the each day.

3. Import of the rest pro data in the cheftech software.

4. Quick book entry based on the reports extracted and petty cash report sent by the client.

5. Preparing the payroll checks for the employees. Maintaining separate folders for the each PDF files extracted from rest pro and QB, Managing portfolio for the weekly payroll work.

On Monthly basis we do the Sales tax work. For this the required sales reports are extract from Rest pro, QB and Online site of the shopping cart. Based on this reports excel sheet is prepared and then the required tax form is filed for the same data & we also manage the port -folio for the monthly sales tax data.