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Dedicated Backoffice Facility

Dedicated Back office Facility is a perfectly suited for CPA’s and CA’s worldwide to use resources in the payroll of Konnect, to work for clients catered by them. This engagement enables companies to have control over quality standards and essential communications required for a successful operations. A Dedicated Facility Security, flexibility, scalability and transparency for the facility is offered.

A Dedicated Facility is an excellent solution when you want complete control of your Outsourcing function. All infrastructure, resources are at your dedicated service, be it your Back office operations, Bookkeepers, administrators, IT support staff that works on a Fixed Cost basis. High volume and specific requirement for any functional outsourcing (FAO), research & development or BPO requirements suiting your business.

Dedicated Offshore Facility

Dedicated Offshore Facility lets organize quick deployment of a significantly large requirement or arrange an efficient and reliable support for Back office Operations for Finance & Accounting. Konnect has a large pool of multi-disciplinary resources for FAO and BPO to organize a tailored DOF for an extended period of time. This team can be an extension of your existing team that can be scaled up at any point in time.

i. You can start with one dedicated expert
ii. Option pf pre-screening each DOF staff Vast pool of FAO and BPO resources with diverse skills
iii. Team working on custom time (according to your requirement) Rapid team scaling / involvement of specific subject matter experts on need basis Ready to use IT infrastructure, with Scaled up plan.
iv. Adoption of Client process and methodologies upon requirements transparent process and comprehensive reporting.
v. Complete control over projects- requirements/ schedules/ deliverables/ priorities Established intellectual property protection procedures and mechanisms.